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About me

There's not much to say about me and yet quite a lot...I'm a big football fan and I guess that qualifies me to talk about football.  I'm an Aston Villa fan and I work in the education department of another football club, which I guess means I know a little bit.  I have a degree and I'm a qualified PE teacher, which again means I have some idea on sport.

However, when I say I am football fan, I think I mean something very different from a lot of 'football fans'.  I believe in a game that has many levels.  It's kind of complicated to explain and whilst it interests me, it's not wholly interesting to anyone else.  The main thing to recognise is the difference between 'grassroots' football and professional football.  They are not distinct entities, more like two extremes of a sliding scale and the crossovers are sometimes useful but often get in the way of what is truly great about football.

I'm sure my feelings on these issues will come up as I embark on the world of blogging, which I do with slight trepidation having spent many years on various other football forums.  I enjoy reading/listening to other views and I'd like to think I'm open-minded enough to be able to change my mind and certainly as I work at grassroots level, football league level and in education my mind has been changed many times.  One thing remains though, I love football - I hate it too, but I love football