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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Villa players not earning their spurs


I'm going to get it out of the way early, I don't think the ref had a good game at all.  I think several incorrect decisions really affected the game (although not necessarily the result).  There, no more need be said 'til another day!

What is wrong with Villa!?! I've said it before, but it was clearly evident against the 10-men of Tottenham.  If a team is compact and defends in numbers against them, the Villa attack has no ideas.  Too many passes are sideways or backwards, players aren't moving to create space and on far too many occassions the frontline are playing with their backs to goal.  There were a couple of times that Delfouneso actually ran at the defence and caused some problems, but he was forced into doing this from midfield and didn't really result in a chance at goal.

Speaking of midfield - really pleased to see Delph back.  He made a few quality passes and hasn't lost any of his 'enthusiasm' but were Villa really so short of midfielders that he had to make his comeback in such an important game?  It was a very young team, and there were positives.  Lichaj did a better job of containing Bale than most other fullbacks this season.  Albrighton delivered some good balls - especially for his goal.  Petrov coming back is massively important.  He has a bit more control and creativity, which was lacking for most of today.

My biggest irritant is the tackling ability, particularly in defence.  It was far too easy for Tottenham players, particularly the likes of Bale, Lennon, Van der Vaart, to step away from a tackle.  For example, Bale running at Warnock (Bale's weaker side) on the counter attack, it is text book to stay on your feet and keep him on his weaker side, away from goal.  But Warnock over-committed and allowed Bale inside on to his left foot and create the winning goal.  Bleh...

With away games at Man City and Chelsea coming up, dramatic improvements will be vital if Villa are to avoid a relegation battle.

At least the cricket went well last night, I'll probably stay up to watch it again tonight!

Look out for my next post - I'll be talking about the Queen's speech of all things!

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  1. I agree its getting worse :( good blog.